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Education Technology

At CADMUS® Duhok, students benefit from the meaningful use of modern, up-to-date technology that was designed with the student in mind. These tools, developed by SABIS®, enrich students’ day-to-day learning experience and enhance their academic performance.

In the classroom, students learn dynamic content delivered through state-of-the-art technology.  Interactive whiteboards are used to put content into context and bring it to life.  Instruction is enhanced with digital features such as glossaries, videos, and audio recordings that elaborate on the content and provide for differentiation among our diverse learners. Students in Grade 3 onward use SABIS® E-books to bring the content to life in a format that is light and accessible anywhere.

Beyond the classroom, CADMUS® Duhok students continue to benefit from technologies developed by SABIS®. By simply logging on to the school’s digital platform at home or on the go, they can access a wealth of online learning tools such as on-demand tutorial videos – a set of teaching videos explaining a variety of academic concepts – which complement and reinforce what they have learned in class.

This platform is also available for CADMUS® Duhok parents to use to keep track of their child’s academic performance, behavior, daily school contributions, and attendance. Accessible via mobile device, tablet, or computer, the platform also provides regular updates on school events and activities. Parents can also download the SABIS® Parent app to their mobile phone or tablet to access the digital platform and receive alerts regarding school notices.


E-Learning Success

Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent school closures, and regardless of their physical location, our students are continuing their education without missing a beat. Thanks to the highly developed SABIS® E-learning solutions, structured and systematic approach, and incomparable learning habits, CADMUS® Duhok students have adapted rapidly to a changing world, and the learning has never stopped. 

Every morning, our students (or kindergarteners’ parents) log in to the school’s digital platform from their tablets or computers at home to check their daily and weekly plans, detailed schedules, and download any assigned material.

In their daily routine, they attend a mix of classes, some that have been pre-recorded by their teachers and uploaded onto the school’s digital platform, and others that are given in a “virtual classroom” environment in real time. Virtual, real-time classes are also recorded and uploaded onto the school’s digital platform, giving students the opportunity to watch them again if they need to. 

To ensure that the learning is in fact taking place, students have assigned homework and continue to take regular assessments to test their understanding. While students are working, teachers and administrators receive data on their progress and performance, and are able to follow up with their students accordingly.


Tips for a Successful E-Learning Experience:

  • Set up a learning space that includes a comfortable chair and desk.
  • Create a school day routine, and stick to it. 
  • Check your child’s daily schedule together with them. 
  • Make sure there are little to no distractions. 
  • Give students the space to learn, but do not leave them alone. 
  • Offer incentives when work is completed to keep them motivated.
  • Do not use the designated learning space for any other activities.

Benefits of E-Learning:

E-Learning Success:

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