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SABIS® Digital Platform


As a leading, education management organization, SABIS® is committed to ongoing research and development in order to optimize student outcomes and enhance the learning experience for everyone involved. Most recently, and in line with this commitment, SABIS® introduced the SABIS® Digital Platform, a new generation platform designed to facilitate information sharing and communication among parents, students, and staff.

A step ahead of SABIS® WebSchool, the information portal previously used to connect SABIS® Network school users, the SABIS® Digital Platform retains the features that users have come to rely on to follow the learning process. Now instead of logging in to WebSchool, users log on to the SABIS® Digital Platform ( Students can view and download academic material, keep track of courses and academic performance, view an updated schedule and school calendar, as well as stay up-to-date with the latest school announcements. And parents can keep informed about their child’s academic performance and school involvement.

Beyond these features, however, the SABIS® Digital Platform offers users many new benefits. Located on an all-new cloud infrastructure, the SABIS® Digital Platform is capable of supporting thousands of users at the same time. The platform also features an all-new design that is responsive to any device– computer, mobile device, tablet, etc.

In an effort to keep parents fully informed of their child’s day-today experiences in school, the platform gives parents the option of customizing push notifications about exams, attendance, and downloads, among other things. Through the new platform, parents can also enjoy an enhanced, two-way communication with the school that allows them to register their child for the next academic year, re-enroll for school activities, give permission for school trips, and much more.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the new SABIS® Digital Platform is the scope of development that it holds for future enhancements and features. In the works for the platform are exciting, interactive student learning tools such as quizzes, SABIS® On-Demand Tutoring (ODT) videos, and the option to submit homework assignments, collaborate with other students, and connect with teachers. In the future, multi-lingual support in Arabic, English, French, German, Kurdish, and German will be available on the platform. Plans are also in the works to use the SABIS® Digital Platform as the core element for online schooling by providing students access to courses online.

“We are committed at SABIS® to developing IT products that give students and parents a better educational experience. The SABIS® Digital Platform reflects this commitment. With the SABIS® Digital Platform, we have a platform that can accommodate new and exciting products to enhance students’ educational experience,” commented Mr. Serge Bakhos, SABIS® Vice President – Information Technology, Creative Design, and Book Publishing.

SABIS® keeps up with educational technology through new educational platform.

SABIS® is committed to the development of tools and systems that optimize learning outcomes and support a positive educational experience for everyone involved. In today’s rapidly-evolving digital era, the SABIS® Digital Platform is a platform developed by SABIS® to do just that.

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